Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Home Inspection

Home inspections are used to provide an opportunity for a buyer or seller to identify any major issues with a home prior to closing.
What is covered in a Home Inspection?
Home buyers and sellers may hire local inspectors to take an in-depth look through the home’s exterior and interior, checking the following:
  1. Bathrooms: This will be inspected for leaks, ventilation and any other major issues. An absence of windows or fans could indicate mold or mildew problems.
  2. Electrical: An inspector will check your home’s wiring, testing how the outlets and GFCI perform to prevent any shocks or potential electrocutions. They will check your electrical panel to make sure it doesn't present a fire hazard.
  3. Foundation: While the inspector usually can’t look at the foundation (because it’s underground), he or she can identify secondary issues brought on by foundation problems, such as cracks or settling.
  4. Grading: If your grading doesn't slope away from the house like it should, the inspector will let you know. Moisture seeping into your home as a result of poor grading presents a danger to your foundation and the structure itself.
  5. Garage or carport: The inspector will look at your garage door to make sure that it’s operating correctly and that it’s well-ventilated (prevents carbon monoxide poisoning in the garage).
  6. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC): An inspector will check your HVAC system to see that it functions correctly. Exposed ducts will be checked for leaks or asbestos (in case of Centralize AC/ Heating).
  7. Plumbing: The inspector will check plumbing, including all faucets, shower heads and visible pipes, for leaks. He will also test the water pressure and the state of the main water shutoff.
  8. Roof: Inspectors will check the roof for any potential damage or leaks into your attic. He or she will also check the vents and gutters for damage.
  9. Walls: The inspector will look at your siding and check for missing or damaged pieces, cracks, or signs of pests underneath.

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  1. How can we contact for the good home inspection service around our nearest city, is it expensive ?